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Welcome to Bullet Journalling

If you’re anything like me you’d have heard the phrase ‘Bullet Journalling’ and thought: “What the heck?”

But fortunately this name does not belong to a gang or anything of that sort. Rather it is what we call the new way of organizing ones life through a journal.

Simply put a Bullet Journal is a diary, journal and to-do list all summarized into one beautiful, little book. If you’re the type of person who has a lot going on, maybe a little bit forgetful at times and needs to remember a lot of things, this is definetely for you. It makes use of bullets, hence the name, to organize the information you put in the book.

Now, how to start a Bullet Journal? My first piece of advice to anyone who would like to: keep it simple. When looking at Instagram and Tumblr artists who decorate their journals elaborately one can feel pretty overwhelmed. Take it from a fellow wannabe, it’s not as hard as it looks.

So without further adue, to start a Bullet Journal one needs a journal of some sort. Hardcore Bujo Junkies enjoy the Leachtturm notebooks but due to their unavailability in our lovely country, I’ve stuck to good, old-fashioned Typo notebooks. Really, it doesn’t matter if your book has lines or not – what does matter is your preference and what suits your needs for this journal best, but I’ll elaborate more on that later.

Next you can do a cover page if you wish, just to keep track of the year each journal is – that is wishful thinking that you’ll actually stick to this habit. And you can do a key, the key will basically help you organize each piece of information that you put in this book. You can use whatever bullets you want to.

Next you can make an index for your Bullet Journal – which is pretty self explanatory – and leave a few pages to fill in as you fill your bullet journal.

After that you can create your Year Log and put in all the important dates and events coming up. As you can see, I’ve made use of the “event” bullet on these pages and also conveniently forgot what year it was on the first few pages. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes guys, they happen.

Next you can make lists of anything you would like: books you want to read, movies you want to see, places you want to go… you catch my drift.

Now finally you can start on your months. You can create a cover page for that month, maybe lay out some goals or to-do’s for it – it’s up to you.

Then you can do a month log, putting down important events and dates that are happening throughout that month.

After that you can use a page for Habits. Habits help you keep track of your habits and shows you how much time you’re spending on certain tasks during the month.

Then you can get started on your weeks. Again, you can do a cover page, what’s coming up, goals or to-do’s for that week.

And then you can write each day out and use it to record all the tasks that need to be done events that are coming up etc.

Then as you start getting more comfortable with your layouts you can get more creative with it.

And thats, how to start a Bullet Journal, easy as that. Lastly, stationery… there is defintely no criteria to the type of stationery you use. Personally, I use my fineliners the most in my bujo but that can differ for you. Also, please please – for the love of all good journalling – please do not use pens amd markers that bleed through the pages. Between you and I, it’s just not aesthetic and it makes me sad.

NOW, to answer FAQ’s that I have received from you guys:

1. What does your journal look like?

All the above photos are mine.

2. What inspired me to start a Bullet Journal?

I don’t consider myself an organized person but I don’t like things to be in a mess. This has helped me to sort through things in a way that suits my lifestyle and needs. Basically I begged Google to give me a solution to my mess of a life and it gave me this. So far, it’s worked for me.

3. Does it take up a lot of time?

I could literally spend hours decorating my journal and making it look gorgeous but for it to be functional I spend maximum an hour creating a spread for a month/week. And again, if you stick to my advice of keeping it simple, it doesn’t take that long. Also as you go you pick up quick, efficient ways of creating spreads, for example you can use stencils, stickers and printables which are all really popular in the bujo community – so no, technically it’s not considered “cheating the system”. Also the journal isn’t going to grow legs and leave you. If you forget about it for a week or two, it won’t be hurt. Just carry on where you left off.

4. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Literally Google “Bullet Journalling” – you’ll be blown away.

5. What is a Bullet Journal?

Already answered.

6. What if I can’t draw?

Do what I do – copy;)

7. Can I see your journal?

Stop being nosey.

8. How does it help me?

A Bullet Journal helps you to spread out ideas, tasks, plans, goals and events in a way that suits you. Personally, I feel way more organized and prepared for my months and weeks because I know what is coming up and I can prepare myself accordingly. Also it is a very therapeutic way of winding down. One can write their feelings in it, draw in it or even vent in it. It’s up to you how you want to make use of it.


So I guess that’s all from me folks. I hope this was helpful, if so please feel free to comment, ask me questions or share this. Also you can follow me on Instagram for more Bullet Journal Inspiration: @jordanhenr.ybujo

– happy journalling

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What follows is an assignment that I had this term which was to do a 1 and a half minute oral presentation of a slam poem that should be totally original. However knowing myself, mine ended up being 7 minutes long. I know for those of you who have heard it or heard of it would have preferred a video but honestly even though I did it in front of my class I don’t think I am prepared for so many people seeing me that exposed and vulnerable. Reasons being, some of you may not know but every scenario or injustice that occurs in this poem has happened to me, a family member, a friend or someone I know of (the HOG incident included even though I wrote this months before that). All of the issues presented in this poem have happened very close to home or have affected me very deeply which is why I decided to write this poem and reveal this part of my life to some of you. Thank you for all the support I received from my peers and friends and thank you to all who contributed their stories to this poem. I’d like to warn people in advance that this poem may trigger some people, it speaks of rape, feminism, racism, harrasment, cyber-bullying, the female body, white privilege, abortion, mixed marriages, abuse, all types of love and everything in between. Please don’t read it if you are triggered or offended by any of those. So without further ado, my slam poem:


*switch on Weary by Solange on repeat and take a deep breath*
when is it my body?

when you’re seizing me by the collar and yanking me underwater

i’m thrashing, drowning, spluttering and you’re grinning sovereignly saying, “breath for me, baby”

when is it my body?

when you’re arranging me by the camera breasts up, ass down, smirk spilling from my lips like poorly-ladled punch

when is it my body?

when you’re rating my curves and contours like valleys dug deep into the planes of my flesh, like a million canyons and craters, like i’m a sphere suspended in space to be gazed and gawked at from a telescope four light years away

when is it my body?

when you pluck purloined photos from my phone, my bare body coiled and sprung, when you zap them into a million others, reproducing them as though alive and breathing, flashing amid thousands of greedy hands

when is it my body?

when you leer at me as i rush down the street, you tight-lipped and snickering, me ducked and fearful, when you spit filthy fallacies at my body like your words are wads of chewed-up paper sticking to me until i run home and scrub at myself under the rusty head of my shower

when is it my body?

when you stand outside the clinics, signs raised like pitch-forks, narrowed eyes pointed at me, aiming and preparing to fire, when you argue over the contents of my belly and fight to rid me of my right to choose

when is it my body?

when you’re ordering me anew, when my breasts are too tight against the cotton of my tank top, when you think my shorts reach too high and higher still, when my worth is measured by the length of my skirt and the mass of my ass

when is it my body?

when you’re dousing my drink in drug, pulling me behind your car and feasting on me like i’m some sumptuous banquet for the gods and you boy are apparently zeus among mere mortals

when is it my body?

when you read me far-fetched fables of dark knights and snow-like princesses and i realize i’m a princess among queens, when your smile turns sour and lumpy and you deny me my right to love freely and fluently

when is it my body?

when you’re pouring over pages and pages of my private life, appraising me like a piece of meat in the market, when i learn the puberty means ugly and hair means disgust

when is it our body?

when you’re undressing me and turn your nose up at what you find, the furled place of fur between my legs that no longer interests you, when her hijab means oppression but your racial slurs do not, when you laugh at that girl in the changing room for the pink puckered stretchmarks climbing her butt and breats, when i am paid less than my male counterparts for the endeavors my body endures and less still than my white sisters, when i’m harassed at hockey and come home to hear my mother agree with my coaches and say, “maybe you shouldn’t wear those tiny, little shorts”

when is it our body?

when i see misogyny dribbling from uncle john’s chin, when he takes me to the back room while dad’s not looking and has his wicked way with me, when i return seemingly unfazed but sleep at night with his scarred face plaguing my dreams, when i watch grandpa strike grandma down and unlearn the man i grew up knowing, when my friends sneer at that gradies ass and thighs but applaud a fashion model’s breats and buxom, when i turn on the tv to find that you, girl, cannot have an education because of your gender, when she is asked why she didn’t say   anything sooner and she responds, “i was ashamed”, when i yank my hood down over my head at ten past three out of fear that some night creature might pull me into the dark and never let me reemerge

is it my body now?

as i let you wring me out and toss me away like some dirt-caked towel

is it my body now?

as i watch you write me into perfection, love me in ink and hate me in breath

is it my body now?

as i birth my boy and cast him off the minute his bloody body leaves my hands

is it my body now?

as i hand myself over to you at first glance, at first catcall, at first threat

is it my body now?

as i cover up my blotches and blemishes in an attempt to satisfy your imagery of what beauty looks like

is it my body now?

as i relinquish my right to marry to please your cruel cravings

is it my body now?

as i come up gasping for air and answer you with downcast eyes and an affablness you believe should come with every girl you purchase, and i say, “i can’t breath”

when has it been my body, my fleshy cage confining me to tragedy, when has this thing ever been my body, when has it ever had the chance to be it’s own when men and women and beings all the same have hated me the second they laid eyes on me, when can i finally take whats mine without you reaping the benefits of centuries of my people’s injustices

you say i’m OVERREACTING and EXAGGERATING and why can’t i understand SATIRE and it was only a JOKE and what were you WEARING when it happened and all you FEMINISTS are INSANE and why is this long-winded poem so PRETENTIOUS and woman are so WHINY


is it my body now?

as i come up gasping for air and answer you with unrelenting eye contact and a viciousness you believe should be sucked from every girl you purchase and i say,


give me my body

please and thank you.


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How to Start a Jesus BuJo

Recently my mom has complained that her prayers, sermon notes and scriptures are all over the place. Naturally I suggested a Bullet Journal in a different format. For information on What a Bullet Journal is look at Welcome to Bullet Journalling – Bullet Journal Inspiration https://jordanhenrybujo.wordpress.com/2017/06/13/first-blog-post/ 

I layed out a simple format for her to follow starting with

A cover page:

A key:

An index:

Instead of a Year Log, I created a Year Goal Page and Verse Page:

And instead of a Month Log, I did the same as the Year Goals and Verses except my mom said she might write different verses for each day so I made an area where she could fill in the date:

Then I made a What to Pray for Page for the month:

After this she will use the key to create either Sermon Pages, Prayer Pages or Revelation Pages using the bullets I suggested she use. However I reminded her that she can use and change it however she wishes to and you can as well.

I hope this helped and if so please like, comment or share it 🙂

– happy journalling 

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Some Inspiration for the First Time Bullet Journallers




  • past home addresses 
  • movies to watch
  • books to read
  • places to travel to
  • wishlist
  • dream log
  • baby names
  • favorite places to eat/places you would like to eat at
  • things that make you happy/sad
  • favorite foods/recipes
  • favorite words/words to use more
  • currently listening to/reading/watching/doing/eating/needing/wanting
  • things to try
  • firsts
  • wants/needs
  • favorite artists/songs
  • bucket list
  • advice/quotes
  • what I learned today
  • who you admire
  • stationery you want/need

Year logs:

Month goals/cover pages/to-do’s etc:

Month logs:

Week cover pages/goals/to-do’s etc:

Week logs:


  • weight
  • exercise 
  • grades
  • mood
  • habits
  • savings
  • gratitude
  • water
  • study
  • sleep
  • period
  • dreams
  • weather

Things to do with empty journals:

I hope this was helpful – if so like, comment or share it.

– happy journalling